About Troubles 2...

2008-07-11 00:30:22 by robbingdog

Okay, I've probably got some explaining to do. That is, if anyone actually cares. The reason Troubles 2 isn't out yet, is, well, I haven't really been working on it. At all. Like, I've hardly animated a single frame since my last post. Why? Well, in the last few weeks, I've developed a kind of "couch potato" lifestyle. As in, the only thing I do most of the day is browse 4chan and play Super Mario Bros. ROMs. I guess I kind of freaked out because my one-week deadline was... A bit much, to say the least. But, uh, I'm getting my act together, I swear. Don't expect a deadline, though. Troubles 2 will be out when it's done.


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